Inferno MPS 1/8 Scale RC 

Inferno RC carThis Inferno RC does a real 72 MPH (clocked!!) 

This Inferno radio controlled car does a real 72 MPH (clocked) or to scale an amazing 576 MPH!!!!!!!

Full oil dampend racing shocks (adjustable)
2.5 Horse Power on 35% nitro methane 45% alchol 20% special lubricant
.21 cubic inches or an amazing 11.90 Horse Power per cubic inch!!!
8 lbs
thats like a 350 C.I. Chevy having 4166 Horse Power!!!!!!!!

The Power to Weight of this little demon RC is the 2nd most powerful and fastest machine we have here on our site!!

(Our Proceed from HPI Racing shares the same engine as our Inferno, but weighs 3.5 lbs less!)


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