1998 Kawasaki ZX 9R 

1993 Kawasaki Turbo ZX-11

World's First 9.7 Second 1/4 mile Production Sportbike

Clocked at 9.7 seconds by Ricky Gadson, a professional drag racer, in Dec 98.






1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 Muzzy stainless pipeCustomizations we've done to our motorcycle:

  • Muzzy stainless pipe 4 into 1 with carbon fiber canister
  • Metzler MEZ 3 Racing tires front and rear




Standard Features


899cc, High-Compression Four-Cylinder Engine

  • Large bore with ultra-short stroke maximizes valve diameters for powerful breathing and minimizes piston speed for reliability
  • Four large valves per cylinder are activated by bucket tappets for the ultimate in high rpm reliability
  • Compact design lowers weight and allows more room for intake, exhaust, and cooling systems
  • The alternator is at the end of the crankshaft to save weight and cut mechanical friction losses; rare earth magnets in the alternator are very powerful for efficient charging, but light in weight
  • Magnesium covers are used on the cylinder head, clutch, alternator, ignition pickups, and the engine sprocket
  • Titanium muffler case is used on "49-state" models

Catalytic Converter for California Model

  • Catalytic converter cuts exhaust emissions while allowing full power output
  • Pre-converter is hidden in the exhaust pipe, main converter is in the muffler so nothing shows, no ugly add-ons

1998 Kawasaki ZX 9R dashAll Electric Instrumentation

  • Electric tachometer, speedometer are compact and lightweight
  • LCD clock, odometer, trip meter, and coolant temperature gauge with LED warning light

Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC)

  • A throttle position sensor tells the ignition control unit how hard the engine is working so that its micro-computer can determine the best ignition timing for more power and better fuel economy

Six-Speed Transmission

  • Involute spline shafts decrease shift effort
  • Chrome plated shift fork fingers are more durable
  • The cable operated clutch has a smooth, light feel, and weighs less than the hydraulic unit

Spark Plug-Mounted Ignition Coils

  • Four small ignition coils are in the spark plug caps, reducing overall weight and taking up less room

Liquid Cooling

  • The automatic fan is offset to the left behind the curved radiator to save space and keep the engine cooler in traffic
  • The temperature gauge is an LCD bar, and includes an LED warning light

Lightweight Aluminum Perimeter Frame

  • The frame has no down tubes to save weight

Extruded Aluminum Swingarm

  • Massive extruded aluminum beams are welded together to form a swingarm with extra rigidity and less weight for good handling under extreme conditions

46mm, Fully-Adjustable, Conventional Cartridge-Type Front Fork

  • Front fork is light-weight for high performance, compliant for rider comfort, and rigid for extraordinary handling
  • It features adjustable spring preload, and compression and rebound damping to match rider weight and riding style to the road conditions

Light Weight Disc Brakes

  • Minimize unsprung weight, for sharp, precise handling
  • Tokico 6-piston calipers up front maximize effective disc diameter for precise, powerful brake feel

1998 Kawasaki ZX 9R Specifications

         Engine   899cc, 4-stroke, DOHC In-Line Four, 16-valves
Compression Ratio
  75.0 x 50.9mm
  Frame type
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Dry Weight
  Aluminum perimeter design
80.7 in.
24 degrees/3.7"
403.5 lbs


  46mm cartridge fork with adjustable preload, 14-way compression and 12-way rebound damping adjustability


  UNI-TRAK® with remote-reservoir shock, threaded preload adjustment, 20-way compression, 20-way rebound damping adjustments


  Dual hydraulic discs/Single hydraulic disc


  120/70ZR17 tubeless radial


  180/55ZR17 tubeless radial
  Carburetion   Keihin CVKD40 x 4 with Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC)
  Fuel Tank Capacity   5.0 gal
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